About Michael-Anthony

Living the Urban Life, with Sophistication

Michael-Anthony Spearman has always had a keen sense of style and a sophisticated eye for detail, admiring the custom made edge of bespoke design at an early age.  As a teen he was jokingly confronted by his mother to create his own namesake brand as a way to save money and be distinguished from amongst his peers, in which he rose to the occasion.  Now, slated to graduate from Wayne State University in Fall 2011 with a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising, Michael Anthony has mastered that challenge and created his own line of tailored blazer’s, coats, and suits for the sophisticated urban gentleman, specializing in apparel for the big and tall.  His aesthetic derives from the lack of fine gentlemen’s apparel for big and tall men in the industry and a self-declared obligation, as a “husky” gentleman himself, to fill that void in the market.  Michael-Anthony provides his clients with a well-tailored urban preppy look and additionally offers styling services, tips, advice, and visual merchandising expertise.


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