Four Style Icons to Note

It is only fitting that we recognize our top 4 stylish gents of the week.  These fellas are trendsetters who know how to pump classic style up about 10 notches by presenting edgy, urban looks that keep them in the public eye…and for good reason!

The Presidential Gent


No flag pins and red ties for this guy!  President Barack Obama, leader of these here United States, has also been inducted into the style icon hall of fame where he’s most definitely pledged his allegiance.  His clean lines and drape alone may award our popular trendsetting president another 4 years.

The Ballin’ Brand Ambassador Gent(photo:

Dwyane Wade, basketball player for the Miami Heat styles on and off the court.  Earlier this year he became brand ambassador for Swiss watch maker Hublot.  He can probably thank the NBA’s institution of a chic dress code for that.

The British Gent(photo:

It’s Bond…Becks Bond!  David Beckham is no stranger to metro-sexual chic as he most often ditches his soccer uniform for sharp “spiffy” tailored look. Its difficult to upstage Victoria Beckham, but he almost manages to steal the spotlight…almost!  (check out those shoes!)

The Trendsetting Gent


Mr. West was in the building spotted at the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York wearing a custom-made Tory Burch tuxedo.  This guy really knows how to switch up his style.  It’s no wonder he’ll be debuting a fashion collection at New York Fashion Week this season.  The buzz going around is that he’s hired a few talented British designer’s to help him out.  With Kanye’s creativeness there’s no telling what’s in store for fashion enthusiasts in the Fall, and we can’t wait to see what he’ll reveal.


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