How to Choose the Right Tie


As of late, I’ve seen men wearing some pretty bad (as in awful, not good) ties.  The worst offenses seem to be spotted on news anchors and late night television shows.  It often makes me wonder if some of these guys have stylists, and if so, should they be fired?

On another note, dressing down (and I mean pants sagging and tee-shirts hanging DOWN) has been a long suffering trend often seen “around the way” in our communities, and I can’t blame all men for their lack of sophistication when it comes to choosing a tie (or suit for that matter) when there isn’t a male role model to assist in proper gentleman’s attire, but I digress, that’s a totally different topic.  Whatever the case, choosing the right tie is an essential step to creating a well put together look.  Here are a few tips we hope will assist you on your journey as an urban gentleman when choosing the right tie.

1. Always take your shirt and/or suit jacket with you.  This will help you put together a complimentary look by allowing you to assess the colors and textures of the pieces.

2. Assess the value of a tie.  There is no need to buy a lot of cheap ties when you can purchase a few high quality ones that allow you to mix and match in these down economic times.  How to assess the value?

  • Material: You can never go wrong with silk ties! Be sure to feel the tie.  Quality ties are smooth to the touch.  Also, be sure to check for loose threads, spots, and/or smudges.
  • Shape and Cut: Quality ties should be cut on the bias, which is a 45 degree angle to be exact.  This ensures that the tie falls straight as opposed every which way, which DOES NOT make for an overall clean look.  Ask the sales associate if your tie is cut on the bias or assess it yourself by holding the tie out and slightly pulling the narrow end.  If it doesn’t twist up your good to go!  Make sure the tie bounces back to its regular shape as well.
  • Try it On:  You won’t know how a tie falls or looks unless you give it a run for its money.  This is an awesome way to see if it hangs properly and compliments your body type (big boys may not look good in slim jims).  Also, be sure the triangle point meets your belt buckle, this is exceptionally important if your tall.

3. Go Trendy: If you want to switch up your look or your not much into the classic tie,   opt for a killer bow-tie or scarf.  Bow-ties come in all types of colors and look great when worn with a short or long-sleeved button-up.  In the Fall, add a v-neck sweater and you’ll be right on trend.  For ways to pull off a scarf check out this article from Their explanations and photos are spot-on!


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